HMAS Newcastle Arriving in Newcastle Harbour

HMAS Newcastle FFG 06 arrived in Newcastle Harbour today for what will probably be its final visit before decommissioning.  

We arrived early and spent a relaxing afternoon walking on the foreshore.  We had a very nice steak pie at Harry’s Cafe De-Wheels and an ice cream from across the road.  The foreshore was a very pleasant backdrop to sit and eat lunch next to.

While eating we watched the coal ships coming and going and had a great view of Nobby’s Headland.  Then we walked up to Nobby’s Surfhouse and had a nice coffee until the ship was due.

HMAS Newcastle arrived around 3:30PM, to a large crowd all along the break water and foreshore.

An in all a very relaxing afternoon.

Nobby’s Headland
Tug Boat Newcastle Harbour
Coal Ship Newcastle Harbour
HMAS Newcastle FFG 06

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